Our Plan – Part 2

Having enough income to sustain your lifestyle is a prerequisite for financial freedom.  One often overlooked requirement for independence is how those investments are structured.

If you have every penny tied up in a 401K, your going to have a severe cash crunch pretty quickly after retiring.  … Read the rest

Automate Everything!!!

One piece of advice I would give anyone setting out on their own, is to automate any recurring payment they can.  At the very least, this allows you freedom from worrying about performing mundane tasks.  But, in many cases it prevents you from paying late fees and interest.… Read the rest

Our Plan – Part 1

In order for us to quit being forced to trade our lives for money, we first must create large enough income streams to sustain us.

Our spending for last month was $3,619.31.  This was a pretty typical month.  Extrapolate last month out for the year and you get an annual expenditure of $43,431.72.  … Read the rest

Our Budget – December

Total Income: $5,136.34


Mortgage – $1013.66

Electric – $152.45

Car Insurance – $137.95

Water – $54.36

Weekly Misc. Cash – $1520

Health Care – $186.20

Next Car Fund – $298.71

Phones – $75

Internet – $81

Entertainment – $15.98

Student Loan – $84

Total – $3619.31

Net – $1517.03

We do not track every expense to the penny.  … Read the rest