About Us

Our goal is to gradually ween ourselves off our dependence on our 9-5 jobs for income.  Instead of being wholly reliant on a paycheck at the end of each week, we desire freedom to spend our time as we chose.  After a couple years of soul searching and studying available options, we have decided that multiple income streams, be it rental income, dividends or bond payments are essential to freedom.  The more sources of income the better.

We have recently bought our first rental property.  It is a single family home in a working class neighborhood.  What we hope is the first of several that we will purchase over the next several years.  My wife and I are also maximizing the benefits of our retirement plans.

Through this blog we hope to chronicle the ups and downs of each step we take in obtaining financial independence.   While methodically investing I am sure we will commit many errors and have many triumphs along the way.  Hopefully, our experiences both motivate and provide a case study to build on, for those setting out on the same path as we are.